SR&ED grants, does your business qualify?

The Scientific Research and Experimental Development program or SR&ED is a grant program for Canadian business developing new technologies or scientific relations.  The great thing about this program is the idea does not need to be so revolutionary it could be featured in a Sci-Fi movie; it can be a simple new tool or computer program.  This program does offer a huge range of grants.  If you are developing anything new in Canada this is a program worth looking into.

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BC is Paying to Train Your Employees

With all the talk of stimulus programs, the BC Government’s Workplace training for innovation program has seemed to remain a mostly unknown program outside of the training industry. For those BC small businesses that qualify this is a great program and definately worth a few minutes to learn about.  This program can be used for qualifying training, and the government has offered to pay the bill.

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Identity Theft Prevention Seminar in Langley

With identity theft on the rise, a local speaker is putting on a free event to give you the tools to protect yourself. I have heard him speak a few times in the past, and recommend everyone attend one of these events to help ensure your identity and assets are safe.

Thursday Evening – April 22nd The Cascade Ballroom The Coast Hotel & Convention Centre, 20399 Fraser Hwy, Downtown Langley Doors open at 6:30 pm.

Presentation from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm Don’t Let Identity Theft or Abuse Happen to you, your family or your business! Admission is free

Please go to to register for free.

  • What thieves look for? Can you be shown as the perpetrator?
  • How does identity theft effect Real Estate or your Business?
  • What common habits must we all change?

We will also break down a number of current frauds. Have your questions answered by Ryan Michaels, the former convicted identity thief featured in the book “Stolen Lives”.

GIC rates for April 12 2010

I have seen and heard many GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificates) rates advertised lately, many advertised rates have not been that competitive. So here is the best rates I see in BC today.

  • 1 year – 1.770
  • 2 year – 2.350
  • 3 year – 3.000
  • 4 year – 3.300
  • 5 year – 3.650

With interest rates expected to rise hopefully we will see these rates improve for GIC investors over the next while. It is important to note that these rates are constantly changing, and the bank offering the best rates also changes regularly.