A simple tool to grow your Net Worth

Every month most of us receive a list of bills, payments taken from your account, a constant reminder of how much you owe, and the mountain of expenses most face each month.  This contrasts the positive statements we get, such as, investment statements, equity and value of your home, which are sent out quarterly or annually in most cases.  Taking the time to acknowledged and gauge your success is a simple and in many cases an amazingly effect way to not only visualize your success, but increasing your financial well being.

I recommend keeping at minimum an annual net worth statement.  This helps you see where you stand financially, and more importantly creates a map of your financial success.  This tool helps clearly layout your progress in building a solid financial future.  As your net worth grows it tends to motivate more success in the same direction.  I have seen great results from this simple tool.  You can follow this link to a simple template to create your own net worth statement, and remember to complete it every year, as this tends to create the best results.

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