New Programs Ready to Launch

I have been busy developing new topics for speaking and workshops, and they are finally ready.  They are all topics I have worked with at length and am excited to have them ready for this new format!!


1.  Creative Retirement

Too often in life we work hard to find enough money, but spend very little time playing with the idea that we may not need the money to make it happen.  I have seen some amazing results by shifting from “How can I afford this?” to “How can I make this happen?”  Creative solutions to normal problems not only make life more fun, they also allow you to spend more time, energy on the things that matter to you.  (This topic comes with lots of fun real life examples).


2.  Automate and simplify your cash flow

Budgeting is built as an on going effort that for too many fails.  I believe that your money should work by default, not through long spreadsheets.  I believe your life, once set up should be automatic as it moves you closer to the life that fits best with you

This program will discuss;

Creating a life that speaks to you.

Automating your money, so it keeps working even when you aren’t watching.

Solutions to the common “unfair” spending with couples


  3.  Tackling your debt and taking your life back

Debt can be a useful tool, however it can also quickly get out of control.  Here we discuss organizing your debt so you can tackle it in the most effective manor, different alternatives to debt repayment and how to stay free of the debt trap once you arrive.


4.  Aligning you money to create an amazing life

A theme in all my work is creating a financial foundation that allows you to live an amazing life.  This topic focuses on the power this has in your life and simple tools anyone can use to create a life that speaks to who they are.

First Workshop Completed in Edmonton

Blogging Workshop

I have done many events in greater Vancouver, however yesterday was my first workshop here in Edmonton.  It was a Blogging workshop and was a lot of fun.  Been on the phone today setting up more workshops and speaking engagements.  Lots of fun projects to work on.

IPP versus RRSP

An IPP (Individual Pension Plan) is a tool that can replace an RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Account) for small business owners.  So which one is better to hold your investments in?

Why consider an IPP (Individual Pension Plan).

  • As you near retirement the contribution limit is greater than that of an RRSP
  • In some circumstance IPP’s behaves differently in your estate.
  • Can be used in different tax planning strategies (Accountant is recommended to discuss these, but can include under funding to devalue a business)


Why would you not want an IPP (Individual Pension Plan)

  • Annual fees are due to maintain IPP’s
  • Many more rules and restriction than an RRSP
  • A more complicated tool to understand.


If you are considering an IPP I would recommend talking to both an investment professional that understands this tool and an Accountant that can explain the tax benefits.  These can be a great tool if understood and used in the right planning situation.

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Which Assets are Protected?

Today I had a brief conversation with a Surrey business owner that due to an unexpected turn of events he gets to keep the business debt, but losses the business.  In life these things happen and are never fun.  So if this ever happens to you or someone you know it is important to understand the protection some of your assets have built in.

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SR&ED grants, does your business qualify?

The Scientific Research and Experimental Development program or SR&ED is a grant program for Canadian business developing new technologies or scientific relations.  The great thing about this program is the idea does not need to be so revolutionary it could be featured in a Sci-Fi movie; it can be a simple new tool or computer program.  This program does offer a huge range of grants.  If you are developing anything new in Canada this is a program worth looking into.

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BC is Paying to Train Your Employees

With all the talk of stimulus programs, the BC Government’s Workplace training for innovation program has seemed to remain a mostly unknown program outside of the training industry. For those BC small businesses that qualify this is a great program and definately worth a few minutes to learn about.  This program can be used for qualifying training, and the government has offered to pay the bill.

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