Services Offered by Christopher Nelmes

Services offered range from consulting, coaching, speaking or workshops.  My area of focus is creating an amazing life and a strong foundation that supports and helps create it.


Business Consulting Services;


  1.  Business Turnaround Services

Many businesses find themselves close to closing their doors due to many different situations.  The pressure these situations create often lead to stress, pressure and  bad choices.  I have found an outside perspective can create solutions.  I have successfully helped businesses with a few hundred employees all the way down to the solo business person successfully turn things around.


  2.  Strategic Planning And Execution Service

Planning is critical to the success of any business, and not the business plan the bank wants, a real look at what you want from your business, the real issues and the best way to get there.  The planning process should be fun, fitting with your values and dreams.    My unique outlook and tools I developed along they way have helped many business successfully plan and execute.


Personal Financial Topics Include;


  1.  Creative Retirement

Too often in life we work hard to find enough money, but spend very little time playing with the idea that we may not need the money to make it happen.  I have seen some amazing results by shifting from “How can I afford this?” to “How can I make this happen?”  Creative solutions to normal problems not only make life more fun, they also allow you to spend more time, energy on the things that matter to you.


2.  Automate and simplify your cash flow

Budgeting is built as an on going effort that for too many fails.  I believe that your money should work by default, not through long spreadsheets.  I believe your life, once set up should be automatic as it moves you closer to the life that fits best with you

This program will discuss;

Creating a life that speaks to you.

Automating your money, so it keeps working even when you aren’t watching.

Solutions to the common “unfair” spending with couples


  3.  Tackling your debt and taking your life back

Debt can be a useful tool, however it can also quickly get out of control.  Here we discuss organizing your debt so you can tackle it in the most effective manor, different alternatives to debt repayment and how to stay free of the debt trap once you arrive.


4.  Aligning you money to create an amazing life

A theme in all my work is creating a financial foundation that allows you to live an amazing life.  This topic focuses on the power this has in your life and simple tools anyone can use to create a life that speaks to who they are.


For more information please contact us at;

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780 -655 – 3206


“There are risks and costs to a program of action. But they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction.”

— John F Kennedy